3 months!

Luke is already 3 months old. OK. .  . well technically 3 months and 1 week today. Smile 

And wow has the time gone by fast. . .

From this:


To this:


And this:

 Luke Dad_couch

To this:



Things he is doing now:

Loving his johnny jump up


Activity mat –> which we call piano bar time because of the piano keys he can play with his feet


Tummy time


Bumbo seat

Sleeping in his swing


Eating his hands

Luke_3 months 011


And swimming in the Lake!


Things he hates: wet diapers and being hungry!

Such a big, happy boy!

Luke_3 months 003Luke_3 months 006

Almost too big to lay down in the chair. . .

Luke_3 months 019

Turning over. . . any day now!

Luke_3 months 017

Can’t wait to see what 4 months brings. .. but trying to enjoy every second of him being my baby boy! Smile


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