Skinny baked mozzarella sticks



I made these mozzarella sticks over the weekend and had them in the freezer for a quick weeknight meal. Paired with a simple salad, they baked up super quick in the oven and made a great addition to the meal. They are perfectly cheesy, and not greasy! They hit the spot when you are craving cheesy goodness!

The recipe is from Skinny Taste. And can be found here.

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Served with marinara sauce = YUM! Great for a weeknight meal, appetizer or snack at a party!



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4 responses to “Skinny baked mozzarella sticks

  1. These look great!
    Definitely want to try them.


  2. Laura

    Those mozzerella sticks look amazing! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂 And Luke and Abby are super adorable in all these pictures! Thanks for posting them!

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