Maple glazed fish

I made dinner tonight!


Starting to figure out this whole working Mom thing. . .

1. wake up
2. snuggle time with Luke
3. get out of bed (boo)
4. feed Luke
5. play
6. get ready for work (*make coffee!)
7. take Luke to daycare
8. go to work
9. work
10. pick Luke up from daycare
11. get home
12. play with Luke
13. work out when Scott gets home from work
14. shower,
15. make dinner,
16. eat dinner,
17. bath time,
18. bedtime routine with book and bottle,
19. catch up on the Olympics/couch time with the husband,
20. go to bed and do it all again tomorrow! Winking smile 

Anyway back to dinner. . . looking for a quick, easy and tasty recipe? Check this one out.

Super quick with frozen fish fillets (I used tilapia). Topped with a tasty sauce. (I found the sauce on Carrots’n’Cake.) Pair with steam in the bag veggies and potatoes –> dinner!

Here’s the sauce:
1 T Dijon mustard
2 T maple syrup
Juice of 1 lime
1 T olive oil

And the recipe:
Mix 1st four ingredients together to make the sauce. (*I added extra Dijon mustard and maple syrup to mine – prob about 1 T extra of each – taste it and add extra if you like too) Salt and pepper fish. Cook in large skillet with extra olive oil. Remove from pan and brush with sauce.


I take the used limes and put them in our water glasses for dinner. Slight taste of lime in the water makes it more exciting than just plain water! IMG_0942

Scott says “Boiler Up!” Any Purdue fans out there? Winking smile 


This recipe grabbed my eye because of the maple syrup in it. My husband LOVES maple syrup so I figured it would be right up his alley. And it was. He really liked the sauce. Me.. . not so much. Thankfully, I had a backup!


And the veggies (steamed garlic cauliflower) and mashed potatoes made for a great dinner. The mashed potatoes were from the freezer: Steam n’ Mash from Ore-Ida and were new to me.

IMG_0948 And they were super tasty. And way easier than making the real thing! Cook in microwave, mash, add milk and butter, mash and serve.

Now off to watch more Olympics! I wish there were more hours in the day for me to be able to watch all the coverage. .. So far I have really enjoyed watching Walsh Jennings and May-Treanor kick some booty in beach volleyball and Missy Franklin having so much fun swimming her heart out. What is your favorite so far???


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