Running favs (right now)

Running has been going so well since having a baby, better than I could have ever expected or hoped for. Scott and I are already working on increasing our mileage in anticipation for the Des Moines Half Marathon in October, which is awesome – both in the fact that it is really nice to have a partner to do long runs with and that I am feeling good and not too tired to complete longer runs!

Here is a list of my recent favorite things about running. . .

1. HOT runs .. . Don’t get me wrong,  I love me some cold winter snowing runs, but there is something for running in the HOT summer sun and sweating more than you thought possible – and afterwards – a cold shower never felt so good!


2. Increasing mileage – 8 miles last weekend… new post-baby record!



High – intensity – interval – training. I hadn’t done anything like it before the Fitnessista Summer Shape Up 2012. I really like it. It makes you sweat like crazy, helps increase speed and intensity of runs, and the time flies by when you are doing it. I only do it on the treadmill cause I really like to be able to control my speed and timing. I do 1:30 easy and :30 hard: for 15-30 minutes. Perfect for fitting in a quick –shorter- workout after work!

4. Running with my husband

Schell's Lager Lauf 2012_2

I had no idea how much we would be able to run together after the baby was here and before we could bring him with us in the jogging stroller. Thankfully, we have Grandma and lots of Aunts who love to watch him while we are at the Lake or the teenage girl next door who loves to babysit too.

5. Ok this really isn’t a current thing, but I am already super excited about being able to take Luke out running with us in the jogging stroller when he gets bigger. Smile I think the recommendation is 6 months – so hopefully will be able to get in some nice fall runs before snow and winter comes in MN.

What are you loving about the workouts you are doing right now???


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