5 months!

My little boy isn’t so little anymore. . . weighing in at about 19 pounds and rapidly growing thru all of this clothes! And already 5 months old – I. just. can’t. believe. it.

Luke_5months 005

New things this month:

Turning over from back to front (haven’t quite figured out how to go the other direction yet)

Sleeping *mostly* thru the night in his own crib (still gets up for 1-2 wet diapers and 1 feeding)

Started eating baby cereal last week and loving it

Loves stroller rides, his bouncer, and petting Abby

Give lots of smiles and laughs all day long!

Luke_5months 009Luke_5months 010Luke_5months 012Luke_5months 015Luke_5months 016Luke_5months 017

Having too much fun with my new favorite app – Diptic


Just got a new winter coat. . .


Yup that is my 5 month old in a 12-18 month winter coat! Winking smile 


Things we are looking forward to in the next month:

rolling over front to back

more foods – making baby food this weekend –>peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes!

lots of walks enjoying this fall


As I was rocking him before bed earlier this week. . .I was smelling his wonderful baby smell, feeling his soft hair against my cheek, and his little body against my chest.. . And just thinking to myself how wonderful life with this little person is, how much I love him and how I just cannot imagine our life without him. It is just amazing how one little baby can change your entire life and oh so wonderful!


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  1. Laura

    he is so adorable! And that coat doesn’t look as big as it should for 12-18 months! 😉

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