Weekend Update: 9/23/12

Sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed. . .

Running errands . . . including picking the dog up from the groomers.
And helping Mom with her list at the grocery store IMG_1575IMG_1576
But I don’t wanna napIMG_1577
Pretty puppy. . .you can just barely see her bow—> which lasted about 20 mins! IMG_1586
Friday night dinner from Chipotle! Steak burrito bowl for me – and lots of chips and guac. YUM!

The view from the top of the parking garage at the Mall of America. IMG_1612
Lunch at Famous Dave’s and then shopping for jeans with Dad. IMG_1616IMG_1618
My 1st trip and purchase from Lululemon –> Love! IMG_1620IMG_1622
Saturday morning playtimeIMG_1628

Making baby food! 1st up –>peas.
Took my new Lulu shorts for a run – l.o.v.e the zippered pocket. IMG_1680
Luke got a new high chair. . . at first he wasn’t too sure about it. . .
But then he realized he gets to eat when he is in it and then he loved it. Smile IMG_1686IMG_1687IMG_1688IMG_1689IMG_1690IMG_1691
finished off the weekend with a family classic crockpot dish –> recipe soon!IMG_1707
And one tired puppy

Hope you had a good one!

Packers v. Seahawks on Monday Night Football – Go Pack! Winking smile


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3 responses to “Weekend Update: 9/23/12

  1. I just came across your blog today from PBFingers & I must tell you I love it! Your little one is absolutely ADORABLE, and it’s so good to see a fellow Packers fan 🙂

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