Baby Dog Stroller

Yesterday I went on my first run with a baby, a dog, and the jogging stroller!

It was awesome! Smile **And no more calf pain. Crossing my fingers that it is gone for good!


We did 4 miles together.


Luke was awake for most of it, but then fell asleep in the last mile.

Abby alternated between running in front, happy to be out of the house, and running in back, pouting that we had to bring the baby and stroller. She added to her protest when she was running in back, by staying at the very end of her leash, so she was almost adding a counter-traction to me trying to run forward! Such a silly puppy dog.

Thankfully, I was able to transfer Luke into his crib from the stroller and he slept for another 20 minutes –> the perfect amount for me to shower and get dressed!

I am looking forward to many more runs of the 3 of us together. . . and maybe sometimes we will let Scott come too. Winking smile



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5 responses to “Baby Dog Stroller

  1. Okay – you’re amazing! I can’t believe you run with a baby in a stroller and a dog! I run with my dog, Ob, and I find that she actually helps me keep a good pace…unless she sees a squirrel…then all bets are off. I’m so clumsy, I don’t think I could manage her and something on wheels! haha

  2. I just stopped over after seeing you comment on Jade’s blog that your favorite running place is here in MN. Fellow MN runner. although not as much lately as I’d like as time & energy are harder to come by with a toddler, FT job, and baby #2 on the way!! Luke is a handsome baby!!

  3. Love the idea of running with the dog, though my dog is a little old for that kind of an adventure. Baby stroller and all… you’re a rockstar!

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