About me

Welcome to running4cupcakes!

My name is Katie, I’m 30-years-old, and I live in Mankato, Minnesota with my husband, Scott, our son, Luke, and a very needy, energetic collie mix, Abby.

The husband. . .

The baby (Luke). . .

Luke_3 months 006

The puppy dog (Abby). . .


Besides spending time with my family and friends (and, of course, blogging), I love to stay active. My favorite form of exercise is running. I also teach aerobics at the local YMCA.

Schell's Lager Lauf 2012_2

My full-time job is working as a family practice doctor in MN.


Running4cupcakes is a blog about my life.

  • Taking picture of meals,
  • posting recipes,
  • talking about running,
  • And starting a family,
  • And trying to maintain a healthy, balanced life
  • And, of course, lots of cute pictures of my dog, Abby and the newest addition to our family, Luke!

What does running4cupcakes mean?

  • Well, there is always the question “Do you eat to run or do you run to eat?” My answer is always “I run to eat.” Mainly I run to eat dessert, especially my favorite dessert = cupcakes!
  • And so, running4cupakes it is!
  • Thanks for checking it out! 🙂



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