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My new fav

Happy Monday! Well. . . it is for me because I don’t have to work today! Well, not counting teaching CTI at the YMCA tonight! Winking smile 

This morning started out like most do. .. an iced caramel skim latte. yum!


A nice mid-morning bike ride = 35 minutes—> 7.1 miles.


And a walk with Abby.


Check out this cute picture – in her shadow you can see her tongue sticking out!


Lunch was leftover plate: green been French fries, new potatoes, coleslaw, strawberries, crackers and egg white salad.



And finished with my new favorite snack/dessert = frozen fruit!


I got a huge bag of frozen fruit from Sam’s Club. I usually just use the fruit for smoothies. But last week, I was super hungry while blending up my smoothie and so I started eating the frozen fruit. delicious. Perfect on a hot summer day. Sweet, cold and sorta creamy. . . my favorite: mango and pineapple. The perfect snack or dessert!

Hope you are having a great day!

Also, make sure you check out Janetha’s blog for The Great Fundraising Act!


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What a great morning! The heat and humidity has finally dropped a little. Smile So happy.

My morning started off with a caramel skim latte. Hot again due to the AC. Winking smile 


A quick trip to the grocery store to pick up provisions for this afternoon’s baking project.


Egg white salad open faced sandwich and a few cherries for a snack.


And an awesome 20! mile bike ride. . . one step closer to my summer goals.


It was a beautiful 75 degrees and partly cloudy.

Abby was happy to see me when I got home.


Scott was home for lunch and we made a quick run to the Pita Pit.


Chicken pita with tzatziki sauce and veggies. Accompanied by Garden salsa Sun chips (love that flavor) and finished with cherries.



Now off to tackle my afternoon baking project!!! Smile

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