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Baby Dog Stroller

Yesterday I went on my first run with a baby, a dog, and the jogging stroller!

It was awesome! Smile **And no more calf pain. Crossing my fingers that it is gone for good!


We did 4 miles together.


Luke was awake for most of it, but then fell asleep in the last mile.

Abby alternated between running in front, happy to be out of the house, and running in back, pouting that we had to bring the baby and stroller. She added to her protest when she was running in back, by staying at the very end of her leash, so she was almost adding a counter-traction to me trying to run forward! Such a silly puppy dog.

Thankfully, I was able to transfer Luke into his crib from the stroller and he slept for another 20 minutes –> the perfect amount for me to shower and get dressed!

I am looking forward to many more runs of the 3 of us together. . . and maybe sometimes we will let Scott come too. Winking smile



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Weekend Update: 10/7/12


As always, a caramel skim latte from Caribou for the car ride up to the cities


First stop: MOA (Mall of America). . . Luke and I kept ourselves entertained in the dressing room with Dad was trying on pants.


They were having a competition – making structures out of canned foods – with local architectural firms to support a local food shelter. . . they were still early in the building process. Le Sueur –> represent!


But had some cool photos from years past. . . IMG_1981IMG_1982

Then, off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. . .

Grandma Mary just got back from Seattle and brought back a super adorable toy airplane for Luke. IMG_1988

Which he loved for about 2 minutes and then the rug was much more interesting! Oh the life of a almost 6 month old. Smile 


Abby did not appreciate having to share attention with Luke – and also he was on her rug.  ..


Then, we all went and had lunch at Scott’s favorite restaurant – Chili’s – where he always gets the same thing. . . chipotle chicken crispers..  . so boring! Love their chips and salsa though! And I had a fabulous bowl of potato soup and a yummy sandwich. Great lunch with great company.


Abby being cute in the car – love her paws together! IMG_2027

I had gotten Scott an arrangement from Edible Arrangements for our 4th anniversary, and we went a finally picked it up last weekend. (it is sorta out of our way, hence why we didn’t get it until then.) But they messed up the order and gave me dark chocolate strawberries. And the lady at the store wasn’t helpful at all. . . so social media to the rescue – I tweeted about it!

ScreenHunter_10 Oct. 08 12.10

And heard back from the company and they offered to make it right. . . another bouquet with all white chocolate strawberries – and they were delicious! Thanks again Edible Arrangements for making it right. Smile 


Dinner on Saturday night – squash! Abby has learned very quickly to be close by when Luke is in his high chair. IMG_2030

And she tries so hard. . .


notice the puppy nose in this picture! –>


Dad having fun with the camera. ..


And bummer. . . at Target on Sunday to pick up antibiotics for Luke’s 1st ear infection. Boo.


Thankfully, he was feeling good enough later in the day to put on his Packers sweatshirt and go for his 1st family run!


I bundled him up good – cause it was only 55 degrees out. . . and put some extra padding in to help keep him in place.


He did great! And even fell asleep on the way home. Winking smile 


Family pic… or as close as we could get! Winking smile 


And my calf stayed nice and quiet! 3 miles and no pain –> I’ll take it. Smile

Overall, a really nice weekend. .. and I think Luke is starting to feel better from his ear infection.

What were you up to? Any running? Eats at a good restaurant?


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And things were going so well. . .

With the half marathon less than a month away and I was having some of the best running I have had in the recent past. .. it was really only a matter of time before this happened.

An injury.


I was out on a nice run, the sun was shinning, there was a slight breeze, and I was feeling good. A little too good. . . I was running before I picked Luke up from daycare so I had exactly 55 minutes before I had to be back at daycare to pick him up. And we have been looking at houses in St. Peter, thinking about a move sometime in the future. And I wanted to run past this house we saw online. And it took me 28 minutes to get there. Ok, no big deal, I can just pick up the pace a little bit to get back on time. . . and I had given myself a few minute buffer just in case too. But I was running faster than I normally do, but again, NBD, because I was feeling good. Then BAM . . . sharp pain in my calf. I had to stop and walk. Totally strained my calf muscle! I hobbled back to daycare to pick up Luke and thankfully made it on time. . . and I took a few days off from running. . . but since then – every time I go running – it hurts!

image_gallery source

Scott and I did run 11.1 miles on Sunday. And it felt fine for about the first 6 miles and then started to feel tight and strained. I am a little slow, so I ran again on Tuesday for 4 miles and it hurt the whole time!

I guess I keep hoping that running will help stretch it out, but no luck! Now we are 18 days away from the half marathon and I don’t want to have to deal with this injury during it! Boo. So, I am going to do relative rest, ibuprofen, ice, heat, stretching like crazy. No more long runs til the half marathon. . . and don’t push it thru pain on short runs. I am thinking I might try some incline walking on the treadmill later this week to get in a workout but not run until at least this weekend.

Any other suggestions on dealing with this?

Think happy get better quick thoughts for my running for me please!

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Weekend Update: 9/16/12


Luke started eating solids! Baby oatmeal cereal. And loved it.


On Saturday, we (all)  headed to the cities. . .


10 miles on Summit Ave.


Dad and Abby joined us for 4 miles.


Then, headed out to the park for a picnic with lots of friends (Scott’s group of friends – from high school!) It was a great time!


Luke got to meet everyone. Smile Love his belly. .  .



Beth (in the blue shirt) also has an awesome blog:

The Awkward Dancer <—check it out!


The newest puppy in the group – Lambert! IMG_1549

Sunday morning on the couch. . .


Finished the Pinterest art project Laura and I started last weekend!


Errands: Kohls –> new entryway rug


And a super comfy memory foam rug for the bathroom


Another great weekend. . . that went by too fast. Already looking forward to next weekend! Smile 

Coming up this week: Tater Tot Hot-dish and Luke’s 5 month post!

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Weekend Update: Labor Day 2012


photo 1


5 miles on Friday


bedtime story with Dad. . . with Abby always close by


breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson


Enjoying the lake view with Grandpa Tom


On our way to dinner

photo 2photo 3

With Uncle Kevin at the restaurant – getting lots of laughs


9 miles! on Saturday


our reward for 9 miles – lemon poppy seed cupcake with lemon filling. YUM.


photo 4photo 5



Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Smile

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Running favs (right now)

Running has been going so well since having a baby, better than I could have ever expected or hoped for. Scott and I are already working on increasing our mileage in anticipation for the Des Moines Half Marathon in October, which is awesome – both in the fact that it is really nice to have a partner to do long runs with and that I am feeling good and not too tired to complete longer runs!

Here is a list of my recent favorite things about running. . .

1. HOT runs .. . Don’t get me wrong,  I love me some cold winter snowing runs, but there is something for running in the HOT summer sun and sweating more than you thought possible – and afterwards – a cold shower never felt so good!


2. Increasing mileage – 8 miles last weekend… new post-baby record!



High – intensity – interval – training. I hadn’t done anything like it before the Fitnessista Summer Shape Up 2012. I really like it. It makes you sweat like crazy, helps increase speed and intensity of runs, and the time flies by when you are doing it. I only do it on the treadmill cause I really like to be able to control my speed and timing. I do 1:30 easy and :30 hard: for 15-30 minutes. Perfect for fitting in a quick –shorter- workout after work!

4. Running with my husband

Schell's Lager Lauf 2012_2

I had no idea how much we would be able to run together after the baby was here and before we could bring him with us in the jogging stroller. Thankfully, we have Grandma and lots of Aunts who love to watch him while we are at the Lake or the teenage girl next door who loves to babysit too.

5. Ok this really isn’t a current thing, but I am already super excited about being able to take Luke out running with us in the jogging stroller when he gets bigger. Smile I think the recommendation is 6 months – so hopefully will be able to get in some nice fall runs before snow and winter comes in MN.

What are you loving about the workouts you are doing right now???

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Pinterest Fitness Bucket List

A few weeks ago, PBFingers made a pinterest board for her Fitness Bucket List and I thought that was a really cool idea. . .

So, I totally made my own Fitness Bucket List on pinterest.

Follow me on pinterest! Smile 

Pinned Image

1. The Green Bay marathon #3. My first time running the Green Bay marathon was awesome, my second time was not. Third time –> hopefully awesome! Smile 

Pinned Image

2. After our trip to Las Vegas this past winter. . . I am in love. And I think it would be so cool to run this race – nighttime on the strip? – yes please!

Pinned Image

3. Twin Cities Marathon. Especially for the St. Paul portion down Summit Ave.

Pinned Image

4. Become a certified spin instructor.

Pinned Image

5. Become a certified body pump instructor. (#5.5 – And look like the chick in this poster!Winking smile)

Pinned Image

6. Run the Country Music Nashville 1/2 marathon (or marathon). My sister used to live in Nashville and it is a really nice city to visit and to run.

Pinned Image

7. Bike a ‘century ride’ –> 100 miles in one day!

Pinned Image

8. Disney Princess Half Marathon – I just have to figure out which Disney princess to dress up as!

What is on your fitness bucket list?


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