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I had part of the afternoon off yesterday because I had to go up to the cities for my graduation ceremony in the late afternoon.

So, I took advantage of the super nice 80 degree sunshine with slight wind weather and went out for a 4.5 mile run and then took Abby on a 30 minute walk.

Afterwards, I was craving a cold smoothie. . . OMG this was so delicious. Peach chobani with frozen strawberries and a splash of pineapple OJ. Topped with granola, chia seeds and banana chips.



So then, Scott and I headed up to the cities for the University of Minnesota graduation ceremony for the family medicine residency programs.


Of which, I am a part of! University of Minnesota -Mankato Family Medicine Residency Program. On June 30th, I will officially graduate from the residency program. Last night, was the commencement ceremony to celebrate graduation for the 2011 family practice residents. It was a little weird to ‘graduate’ before I am actually done with my program, but it was still nice.


When I got to the event, I realized that I had ended up with this sunburn from my afternoon activities! Geez. . . I was really rocking it with my dress last night.


And OMG – it is seriously a lot harder than I thought it would be to 1. take a picture of yourself in the mirror and 2. especially take a picture of your back/shoulders (all while hoping no one comes into the bathroom while you are trying to do a self portrait!).




My parent’s met us there for the event.




Check out this super cute card they gave me!


There was a nice mix of heavy appetizers. I had some beef lo mien, chicken stir fry, fresh bread, tomato, watermelon and feta salad, strawberries, and glazed pecans. The highlight was the dessert table: mini key lime pie tarts, truffle fudge brownie cheesecake and raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.


Here are my fellow residency graduates from my program in Mankato.



It was a nice evening.. . but I hate having to go up to the cities on a weekday, cause then we get home late and I don’t get my 9 hours of sleep that I need! 😉

So, I was dragging all day today – especially this afternoon. My large caramel skim latte from Caribou didn’t even seem to help this morning. I also added an Odwalla granola bar to make it a sorta well rounded breakfast!

Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant with Cheetos (love!) and an apple. We had an outside specialist come and talk to us over lunch about health care reform and what it means to our profession so that was the lunch that was provided. Not the best thing ever, but it got the job done. 🙂

This week has been crazy with the weather: 103 on Tuesday and 57 today! I think Abby is much happier with her fur coat in the cooler weather. 

After I got home, Scott wanted to mow the lawn before rain moved in tonight, so I hit up Level 2 of my Shred DVD.

I showered, made us some leftovers salads. . . pretty much everything in the fridge into a salad. A good way to use up food and get in our veggies. My bowl had: lettuce, carrots, peppers (orange, red and yellow), pineapple tidbits, craisins, seasoned chicken, and asparagus. Topped with raspberry balsamic vinegar = pretty decent dinner.

Now I am tuckered out after a long day of work after our late night last night. I am off to hit up the couch for an hour of TV then bedtime! So. close. to. Friday! Smile



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OCB and Easter Eggs

Scott and I met up downstairs for a quick spin on the bike before lunch today. I rode for an hour, and worked up quite the sweat! I finished my workout with a couple sets of pushups and planks.

Lunch was something to cool us down. . . smoothies!


Mine was 2% plain chobani yogurt with frozen mixed berries, splash of milk and drizzle of honey.

I topped it with granola, banana chips and chia seeds.

It wasn’t as good as yesterday. I think the 2% pineapple chobani (that I used yesterday) has just a little more sweetness and creaminess in it to make it more smooth and creamy.

Abby enjoyed the yogurt too!


We were still hungry after our smoothies, so I popped up Kettle corn – smart pop popcorn.


After lunch, we packed our bags for our overnight trip to the cities. And headed out. . .

On the way to the cities, we stopped in Le Sueur (where I will be working come September) to check out the town.

We stopped by the Mayo house, home of the Mayo brothers who founded the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.



Abby didn’t think it was very impressive.  ..  (hint: it involves #2).

We also went and checked out the progress on the new clinic building that I will be working in.

Scott liked explaining some of the elements to me!


Then, we got to my parent’s house and Laura and I went out for date night!

Scott was having dinner with all of his guy friends, so I invited Laura out!

And we went to Old Country Buffet (OCB!). . . Scott doesn’t like OCB at all, so whenever I get to go to dinner with Laura, one of the places I always offer as an option is OCB – because she loves their mac and cheese! When we went there as kids, that is seriously all she ate! Smile 

I like going with Laura because she doesn’t mess around. See, she got a corn dog with her salad plate!

I started with some salad and a dinner roll.


And they have ICEE’s!

My second plate: I checked out the corn dog that Laura raved about – totally the best part of dinner! Some orange chicken, fried chicken and another awesome dinner roll.


My final plate: dessert

The best part: the chocolate cream pie and the piece of cookie pie that is hiding. . . pretty much the only two things that got eaten on this plate!


After we were both full. . . I convinced her to take me to Super Target so I could get more. . .


I seriously have a problem. . .  Winking smile

Then, we headed back to my parent’s house for coloring Easter eggs with Dad. Mom just left today for an all girls trip to St. Martin! So, we are putting off our ‘official’ Easter celebration until she comes back. . . but still decided we should color eggs!

The set up. . .


Coloring in progress. . .


My egg for Scott: “District #7 Traffic Engineer”


One of my favorites. . .


Abby cleaning out a leftover container from my sister making a dip to take to a work potluck tonight. . .


Laura with her RN egg – she just passed her nursing exam!!!!


Me with one of my eggs and a goofy look. . .


The egg my Dad made for Scott: “Merge”


The finished product!




Now, the best part is making egg salad or eating them and seeing all the colors on the whites!

Better get to bed, church is going to come early tomorrow! Hope you had a great Saturday. . . ‘night.


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