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Last CTI

Last night I taught my last CTI class for a while. Sad smile

I am going to switch to a kettle bell class for the fall and winter schedule.

It’s nice to switch it up, but I have been teaching the Monday night CTI class for over a year now, so it was hard to say goodbye to the class and all the members that take it on a regular basis.

I did a similar class to this one.

This morning, after a quick bagel and cream cheese with blue Gatorade <—best flavor!



I had to drive to my new clinic for a provider meeting. I am starting my new job in just 2 weeks! I can’t believe that it is almost here. It was nice to meet everyone that I will be working with. It was also hard to jump into a meeting after no meetings for almost 2 months!

Lunch was leftover cheese hotdog and BBQ kettle chips from this weekend at the Lake.


Now Abby is being super cute while taking her afternoon nap. Smile 



It is super hot and humid today so happy to be inside with the AC!

Just checked my Google reader – 311 unread! Where to begin??? Well I guess I know what I am doing this afternoon!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Smile


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Early aerobics

Yesterday I subbed for another instructor and I taught the 5:30 am aerobics class. Whoa early! Thankfully once the class got started and the music was going, it ended up being ok, even though I am so not a morning person! It was soooo hot in the aerobics studio – I don’t think I have ever sweat that much during a class. I also taught my usual Monday night CTI class too. And it was still horribly hot in the studio! I did basically the same workout with both classes because I love the bosu ball. I think it gives you such a good workout. I can really feel it in my legs this morning!

Here is the workout:

CTI – using a bosu ball and heavy hand weights

Circuit 1
Run up and down
Step up and down off sides
Bicep curls
Triceps extensions
Oblique crunches on ball

Circuit 2
Up and over bosu ball with 2 jacks
Jump up and down off sides
Chest fly –lying on ball
Hip raises with weights on hips
Pushups with feet on ball

Circuit 3
Jump rope on ball
Squat on ball – tap toes, reach to ceiling
Standard crunch on ball
Plank with forearms on ball

After the evening class, I came home to a nice dinner made by Scott: BBQ chicken pizza!


It was delicious.

Afterward, we took Abby to Dairy Queen for an after dinner snack. We both got cones. I got a chocolate dip with crunch cone. I had them put it into a dish for me – so much easier to eat that way and I can give Abby the cone too!

While we were there an 8 year old girl asked if she could pet Abby (well actually her Dad asked for her because she was shy!). Abby liked the attention, although I think she was more interested in her chocolate cone though. And  it was so cute, as we were walking back to the car, the girl waved and said “Bye Abby!” So cute!

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CTI + Pizza = Monday!

Last night, I hit up the YMCA for my Monday night CTI (Cardio Tone Interval) class.

This was a good one! We were all sufficiently sweaty afterwards!


We used a stability ball and a set of heavy hand weights (I used 8#). Remember each move is for 60 seconds. Repeat each circuit thru twice.

Circuit 1
Mountain climbers
Jumping jacks
Forward row
Hamstring curls on ball
Oblique twist

Circuit 2
Squat jumps
Floor to ceiling with ball
Chest fly on ball
Hands to feet with ball
Pushups with feet on ball – 10

Circuit 3
Shuffle jump
Steam engines
Balancing side lunge
Bicep and overhead press sitting on ball
Ball tuck


After class, I came home to Papa John’s sausage and pineapple pizza for dinner. Along with quick salads –> perfect Monday night dinner!


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Tuxedo cake

After another great dinner at 5 Guys and Fries, which looked a lot like this one. . .

We stopped at the grocery store for some dessert. I found this piece of ‘tuxedo’ cake.


And Scott decided he just really wanted cookies. So, he came home and spent 3 hours in the kitchen cooking chocolate chip walnut cookies. Abby was trying to be a good helper! And I tried to be a good cookie dough eater! Smile 



This morning started with an iced latte and an English muffin sandwich with Colby cheese and strawberry jam.

I love the way the drizzle of caramel from the top makes it’s way down the side of the glass! So pretty.




Scott and I were dumb bunnies again today and didn’t get out for a run until 1pm. Scott wants to make sure that the record reflects that he wanted to go running this morning and I wanted to drink my latte! Smile 

So, it was another HOT 87 degree 3.5 mile run. Abby made sure to find all the good shade trees to take breaks during it. We survived and vowed to run tomorrow morning at 8am!

Lunch was strawberry smoothies made with frozen strawberries, strawberry chobani yogurt and mango OJ. But no spinach – and I totally have some in the fridge! I know, I know! I promise (cross my heart) to put spinach in my NEXT smoothie! Winking smile 

Topped with chia seeds and drizzle of coconut butter.


This afternoon, I taught CTI at the YMCA.

It was a pretty tough class. . .

Tonight we used a mat and a set of light and heavy hand weights (I used 4 and 8 pounds)

Circuit 1
20 secs high knees, 40 secs slow jog x 3
Squat with front kicks
Alternating forward and back arms with light weights
Side plank – 30 secs on each side
Pushups x 10

Circuit 2
Jumping lunges
Skips around the room
Sumo squats with knee lift – hold weights
Triceps kickback
Standard crunch

Circuit 3
Side kick – each side x 30 secs
Butt kicks
Forward punch with light weights

I was very sweaty afterward = success!

Dinner was salads!

Mine included

  • lettuce*
  • snap peas*
  • carrots
  • radishes*
  • mandarin oranges
  • pickles
  • leftover grilled steak
  • sprinkle of cheese
  • balsamic vinegar
  • * = from our CSA this week!



The pickles were these Famous Dave’s Signature Spicy Pickle Chips that Scott picked out at the grocery store last week – really good. A nice mix of sweet pickle flavor with some spice to them too. Perfect on my salad!


And I have to tell you about the awesome balsamic vinegar I got from Williams and Sonoma a few weeks ago. Awesome flavor. I don’t even have to add olive oil – just drizzle right on the salad for a great dressing.


Now off to eat dessert: hmmm tough decision – leftover cake or cookies!

Hope you are having start to your week! See ya tomorrow.


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Level 1 Shred via CTI

Happy Tuesday! Where did Monday go???

I was busy last night. . . my parent’s came to visit and brought Abby back with them.


I missed this sweet puppy face!


Abby spent the weekend at the Lake with them, but seemed happy to be back home.


We picked up some pizzas from Papa Murphy’s for dinner.

Canadian bacon and pineapple


Sausage and pepperoni


Added some healthy points with carrot sticks and strawberries.


I also taught CTI at the YMCA last night. . . I did a variation of Level 1 Shred. It was good, tough! but good!

We used a mat and a set of light and heavy weights (I used 4 and 8 pounders). Each move is for usually 1 minute.

Circuit 1
Pushups x 30 seconds
Squat with overhead press
Jump rope
Standard crunch

Circuit 2
Static lunge with forward row
Pendulum lunge with hammer curl
Butt kicks
Squat with front punch with light weights
Oblique crunch

Circuit 3 
Triceps kickbacks – heavy weights
Side lunge with forward raise – light weights
Jacks – 30 secs
Butt kicks – 30 secs
Punches – 30 secs
Jump Rope – 30 secs
Plank with knee twists

Now, I am enjoying my iced caramel latte – Happy 1st day of summer! Smile 

Hope you are having a great Tuesday so far. . . see ya tonight.

I’ll leave you this morning with Abby being totally adorable. . .



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Air conditioned house

Monday Monday Monday …. How is it Monday again???

Thankfully it went pretty quick!


Breakfast: CSL from Caribou = always helps to make Mondays much easier. Smile 

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, carrot sticks, Harvest Cheddar sun chips

Snack: Apple and handful of almonds

Dinner: Leftover lasagna and pepper slices

Abby was much cuter than my dinner!



Dessert: Smoothie with blueberry chobani, frozen peaches, mango and strawberries, and pineapple OJ. Topped with granola, coconut butter and chia seeds.




CTI class at the YMCA tonight. I am training a new aerobics instructor, so we split the class tonight.

Here are the 2 circuits I did tonight, we used a mat and weights:

Circuit 1
High knees
Semi-squat with forward punches
Static lunge with forward row
Pendulum lunge with hammer curls
Double crunch

Circuit 2
Jumping jacks
Front kicks with punches
Squat with overhead press
Oblique crunches

It was super hot in Mankato today – somewhere between 97 and 105 degrees here! It was nice to work out in an air conditioned room.

Now we are hanging in the air conditioned house and watching Greek.

Tomorrow is a very big day for Scott and I – stay tuned!

What was the temp where you are today?

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3 day work-week!

Happy Monday. . . I can say that because I only have to work three days this week! I took off Thursday and Friday for my birthday!!! Smile 


Breakfast: Medium CSL from Caribou

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, carrots and celery with ranch dressing

Snack: Kashi granola bar

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with raspberry jam toast and apple slices with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter.



Apple slices. . . for the table!


Dessert: None yet. . . thinking maybe some cinnamon toast crunch? Winking smile 


CTI at the YMCA. . . inspired by 30 Day Shred Level 2
Tonight we used a mat and a set of light and medium set weights (I used 4 and 6#s)

Circuit 1
Walk out pushups
Side lunges with front raises
High knees
Plank jump – in and out
Standard crunch

Circuit 2
Static lunge with forward row
Alternating lunge with hammer curl
Oblique twists
Double crunch

Circuit 3
Overhead press with leg extension
Chair squat with v- raise
Plank jumping jacks
Double jump rope
Oblique crunches

Off to sit on the couch. . . I am tuckered out from CTI tonight!

I am super excited for breakfast tomorrow!!! Hint: I already got it ready and it is in the fridge. Winking smile

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