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July goal review

I may or may not have had bbq chicken pizza for breakfast.


Coffee and pizza –> who know? delicious together! What? You have never had that for breakfast? Winking smile 

I am currently trying to decide if I should go to the gym today or wait until tomorrow to do the New Rules of Lifting workout. I am pretty sore and tired from teaching aerobics twice yesterday. I don’t want to ‘take it easy’ with weight lifting, I want to be able to give 100%. ..

What would you do?

With the beginning of August yesterday, I totally forgot to review my goals for July and make some new ones for August.

Thanks to Becca and her morning post for reminding me about goals! Smile 

Here were my July goals. . .

Goals for July!

1. Continue to try new things: quinoa and spinach in smoothies!
Spinach – check. . . quinoa – not yet!
2. Longer weekly runs – at least one run per week over 5 miles – check! 7 miles last week!
3. Commit to Shred/strength training 3x/week
Better since starting New Rules of Lifting for Women!

And now. . .

August Goals

Continue New Rules of Lifting for Women (2-3 times per week)
Continue to do longer weekly runs – 14 miles around the Lake on Labor Day weekend!
Continue to try new things: This month: quinoa!
Another attempt at the perfect cupcake!

What are your goals for August???

I totally agree with Becca – I feel so much better when I have goals written down that I am working towards!



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The New Rules of Lifting

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great Monday night, like I did. . .

Started off the morning with a hot caramel skim latte – sometimes the AC is so cold! Smile 

My morning snack was awesomeness. . . toast with maple almond butter and nectarine slices! Don’t worry, the extra nectarine didn’t go to waste!


Before lunch, I headed to the YMCA to start on Stage 1 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women!

Today: Stage 1: Workout A.


I did a quick 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical and then got into it!

The workout consisted of 5 moves:

  • squats
  • pushups
  • seated row
  • step ups
  • prone jack knife

Overall it went well. I worked up a pretty good sweat and felt like my muscles were tired at the end. I wasn’t too sure of my starting weight for each move, but I felt like I was challenging myself, so I think that is the important part.

I had forgotten how much I like to lift weights. . . Body pump will still be my all time favorite!

I’ll keep you posted with how The New Rules of Lifting for Women is going!

Lunch was more leftovers: pineapple brat, red new potatoes = both with lots of ketchup, cottage cheese and watermelon chunks.



Abby was being extra cute! (and annoyed I was taking pictures!)


Not much excitement during the rest of the day. . . Scott, Abby and I went on a hot and humid 4 mile run on the Red Jacket trail after work. Lots of watermelon was consumed afterwards!

And dinner: another summer staple: corn on the cob!


It was definitely the highlight of dinner!

During dinner we watched Tangled. The super cute Disney movie – have you seen it?

Off to watch a little move TV and then head to bed! Hope you had a great Tuesday.

What screams summer to you??? For me it is watermelon and corn on the cob! Love them. Winking smile

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What a great morning! The heat and humidity has finally dropped a little. Smile So happy.

My morning started off with a caramel skim latte. Hot again due to the AC. Winking smile 


A quick trip to the grocery store to pick up provisions for this afternoon’s baking project.


Egg white salad open faced sandwich and a few cherries for a snack.


And an awesome 20! mile bike ride. . . one step closer to my summer goals.


It was a beautiful 75 degrees and partly cloudy.

Abby was happy to see me when I got home.


Scott was home for lunch and we made a quick run to the Pita Pit.


Chicken pita with tzatziki sauce and veggies. Accompanied by Garden salsa Sun chips (love that flavor) and finished with cherries.



Now off to tackle my afternoon baking project!!! Smile

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5 Things Friday: Summer Goals

Happy Friday!!!

Unfortunately, I am stuck at work doing another 12 hour shift. . . but after that –> the weekend! And Scott and I are headed to the Lake for an extended weekend (til Tuesday) tomorrow morning! And it is raining and thundering like crazy so it’s a pretty good day to be stuck at work.

Since we are about 50 days from Labor Day. . . the sorta end of summer, I thought I would write down some goals I have for the rest of the summer.

1. Spend quality time with the husband: tennis, golf, watching movies, canoe trip with Abby, etc!

2. Run ‘around’ the Lake. . . at my parent’s Lake place, if you run the roads that go around the lake, it is a 14 mile (pretty hilly) run. I have done it once before with my Dad and I would like to do it again this summer.

3. Bike 30 miles – my ultimate goal is to do 100 mile bike ride ( a century ride!) so I am slowly working up to it! My longest ride thus far has been about 16 miles, so I have a way to go. . .

4. Read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels . .. aka the True Blood books. I am on book #5 right now – don’t judge – they are pretty good!

5. Start a weight lifting program. I just ordered the New Rules of Lifting for Women earlier this week and I am excited to get started on that!

Tell me one of your goals for the rest of summer???


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Greenish. . .

Last night finished off with.  .. cake – of course cake won!

It was delicious.


Our 8am run was a fail. . . mostly because overnight rain dropped the temps and it was raining and 63 degrees when we woke up this morning. We decided to put off our run until later in the afternoon.

Because of the ‘colder’ temps, I decided to go for a hot caramel skim latte this morning.


My morning snack was a juicy peach – love summer stone fruits!


I had a meeting at the YMCA at 1pm, so I decided to hit up the Express Body Sculpt from 12:15-12:45.

I was styling with my pink sparkly bic band!


It was a good class. . . we did 2 circuits. The first was legs – mostly hamstrings and gluts. The second was core work with pushups.

I had another 10 minutes to kill, so I did about 10 minutes on the elliptical.

My meeting was to discuss what I wanted to teach for the fall session. It looks like I will be teaching a kettlebell class! I think it should be a lot of fun. I really like using kettlebells and think they are a really good workout.


Lunch was a repeat of dinner last night: steak salads! They were just as delicious as last night.



Abby was being extra cute during lunch.


I finished off lunch with some cookie dough that Scott put aside for me when he made cookies on Sunday night. I love that he puts some aside for me to enjoy later!

Scott and I went running about 5:30. It was 73 degrees and sunny out. I thought with the rain, the humidity would be less, but I was totally wrong! It was still pretty hot and humid out. . . not as bad as yesterday but still ended with dripping sweat and Abby searching out shaded trees to take some breaks. But we survived 5 miles!

After a cold shower.  . . smoothies for dinner. And because I promised, I added spinach tonight! Fresh spinach from this weeks CSA!



Shhh don’t tell Scott!


(excuse the wet hair from my recent shower!)

And he can’t even taste it. Winking smile 


I couldn’t either! And it made me feel extra healthy to be eating fruit and veggies together.

Topped with chia seeds and frosted cheerios <—extra yummy!


So happy I finally tried it. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do it! And promised me that you couldn’t taste it.

On tap for tonight: fresh watermelon slices and the movie: Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.


Have a great night!

Have you ever tried spinach in your smoothies or any other creative way?


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100 Push ups Challenge

Short, quick post today. . . working a 12 hour shift in urgent care all day!

Have you guys heard of this?

The 100 push ups challenge. . . I read about it on Daniella’s blog Runner at Heart.

It sounds interesting and challenging. 6 weeks to do 100 push ups? I am pretty skeptical.

What do you all think?


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Happy July!

Catching up from June???

I went to Country Fest 2011 with my sister

Our CSA started

I tried wheat berries
My mother-in-law thought I turned 30
I made easy omelets and the best cookies ever

I went to my graduation ceremony

Scott and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary

Scott, Laura and I went to the best garage sale


Ready for July??? I am! Smile 

This morning, Scott and I took Abby our for another early morning run. . . we were trying to beat the heat – it is supposed to be in the upper 90s today!


Unfortunately, it was already 75 degrees and humid out this morning. I was a hot sweaty mess when we got back. We took a couple of rest breaks underneath shady trees for Abby (and me!). We covered about 5 miles.

So, of course, the only thing that sounded good (after drinking a bottle of water)… iced caramel skim latte = hot summer morning perfection! 


Also, a good time to review my June goals and make some new ones!

  • Here are my goals from June:
  • Actually make the wheat berries and eat them! – check!
  • Put quinoa on my grocery list and make it happen – not yet. . .but I have quite a few recipes now that I want to check out so this will happen soon!
  • Shred DVD at least 25 times this month (giving myself 5 days to skip due to working late, like last night, being out of town, etc) – major fail! Only 10 times. . . I haven’t done it in over a week now. I need to get the ball rolling because I really like the way my muscles look when I am doing it on a regular basis. I wish my YMCA offered body pump. . .  oh body pump, I miss you!
  • Spinach in smoothies – ahhhh still scared! and I don’t know how I feel about eating a green smoothie. .. I like the pink color!
  • Continue weekly goals – dropped the ball on this one!
  • Start increasing ‘long run’ distance weekly in preparation for half marathon in August – we did one long-er run (6.75 miles). . . something to keep working on!

Goals for July!

Continue to try new things: quinoa and spinach in smoothies!
Longer weekly runs – at least one run per week over 5 miles
Commit to Shred/strength training 3x/week

I think less is more this month, so I’ll leave it with those 3 goals. . .

What are your goals for July?

Scott and I are heading out to the Lake for the 4th of July weekend, so I’ll see you guys next week. Have a great holiday weekend! Smile


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