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The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Minnesota State Fair.

It was the perfect day to go. . . middle of the week and sprinkling rain on and off really kept the crowds down so there was actually room to walk!

so excited for the fair. . . Winking smile


First fair food: Roasted corn on the cob. . .


always the best corn ever!


Up next: sunfish fillets with yummy sauce in a boat!


And the sweet stuff. . .

Scott always has to get Sweet Martha’s cookies.


And he always has to get the huge bucket. . . where they pile it super high and you have to eat a ton before you can even put the lid on!


And our ‘new’ fair food this year: pig licker –> chocolate covered bacon sprinkled with sea salt


It was interesting. . . it tasted like bacon with chocolate on it! Smile Both Scott and I said we didn’t think we would get it again, but it was a fun thing to try!

Also eaten but no pictures: Nitrogen frozen vanilla ice cream – so rich and creamy and Scott got a vanilla milk shake from the University of Minnesota Moo booth.

Laura and her boyfriend got to the fair just before we had to leave, so I was able to snag a few mini doughnuts from her!

And fun self portraits on the bus on the way back to the car!



Always a good time at the great MN get-together!



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Ice cream for dinner

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Took Scott and Abby for a 4 mile run.

Decided cooking was too much work last night.

So, this happened.


M&M dairy queen blizzard.

And yeah – it was good!

Perfect end to our weekend!

And now it is Monday again. . .

Super excited for tomorrow – Scott took the day off work and we are going to the great MN get-together –> the State Fair!!!

Hope you had a great end to your weekend and a good start to your week. . . do you ever eat ice cream for dinner???

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Scones redone

Last night was a perfect Saturday night in my house: Papa John’s pineapple pizza and Season 5 of Dexter!

And some peppermint bon bon ice cream for dessert!

This morning, all I could think about was the scone I had for breakfast yesterday. . . but I wasn’t going to get dressed and drive all the way across town. . .

So, the next best thing: make something up!

Thankfully, we had some bisquick in the pantry. So, I made some biscuits. I made a mesh between the standard biscuit recipe on the box and the recipe for the ‘shortcake’ biscuits on the box. Basically, I just added a few tablespoons of sugar to the regular biscuit dough. I also sprinkled sugar on top too.


Hit the spot. . . topped with a smear of strawberry jam. Perfectly sweet, doughy, and delicious!


Abby wasn’t sure if she wanted to play ball or have some biscuit. . .


Hope you are having a great Sunday! Smile

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2 weeks!

It’s been a lazy Saturday morning here at our house.

Abby and I went on a coffee run to Panera this morning.

My first caramel skim latte in 2 weeks!


A scone sounded really good too, so a quick stop by Dunn Brothers – just down the street from Panera – to get a delicious mango scone.


Except that it wasn’t mango. . . I think it was mandarin orange??? Actually I have no idea what flavor it was, but it was soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The filling in the middle – whatever it was- was sweet and fruity.  Smile Perfect Saturday morning breakfast.


Scott and Abby had some play time. . .


well more play for Scott and pouting for Abby. ..


Other than a run later this afternoon, not sure what else is planned for today. . . which is really nice for an end of the summer weekend!

Also, just finished watching the Packers v Colts pre-season game from last night – awesome finish Packers! Go Pack Go! Can’t wait for the regular season. Smile 

Hope you are having a good weekend! What are you up to???

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5 Things Friday: Summer favs

Happy Friday!!! Aren’t you so excited that it is almost the weekend??? I am! Scott and I have nothing planned, which I am super excited about. Smile 

Since next weekend is already Labor Day. . . I thought this week would be a good one to reflect on my summer favorites!

1. Weekends at the Lake


2. Thunderstorms


3. Long days with lots of sunshine

4. Corn on the cob


5. Fresh summer fruit: watermelon, strawberries, peaches, nectarines

What are some of your summer favorites?

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Teddy bear treats

Happy Thursday. . . one day closer to Friday, right?

This morning started out with waffles and syrup x 2.


Abby was very interested in breakfast. . .


Lunch was leftover hamburger with Colby cheese (and lots of ketchup) and bbq potato chips

. DSC04201

And some of this. . . Winking smile 



This afternoon, Abby and I went to Petco to pick up some more puppy treats for her. Well, I guess I should say that I went to Petco this afternoon. I tried to take Abby in, but she wasn’t going anywhere near the store. It might smell like the place we take her to be groomed, which I know she hates. . . so she hung out in the car and left the treat picking to me.


Look at these cute teddy bear treats I got!


Scott and Abby are now outside planting a tree in our backyard and I am watching Jeopardy Teen tournament – which I love cause I actually know some of the answers! Smile 

Hope you had a great day! See ya tomorrow for 5 Things Friday.


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Still not feeling back to my 100% self after last week.

So, I have been taking it easy.

And that means lots of TV and couch time.

Thankfully my husband has all seasons of 24.

How did I never see this show??? Jack Bauer is awesome! Smile 

It sucks you in right away and keeps going thru the whole season.

I am about halfway through season 2 right now!

Have you ever seen 24?

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