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30 Day Shred Review

About 6 weeks ago, I started using Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred


The DVD has 3 levels: 1, 2 and 3.

You are supposed to start at Level 1 and work your way up to the higher
levels when you feel ready.

Each level is a good workout, Level 2 is harder than Level 1 and Level 3
still kicks my a** every time I do it!

When I first started doing the DVD, I was a little disappointed. The DVD says
it is a 20 minute workout. Well, each workout ends up being about 27 –28 minutes
long. Not a huge difference, but a noticeable one.

You start with a brief 3 minute warm-up. Then, you get right to work. Each
level has 3 circuits. Each circuit is supposed to be 6 minutes long: 3 minutes
strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs. So, I suppose that is where they
get their 20 minutes from – if you add up all 3 circuits it should be about 18
minutes. . .

For most of the moves, I used a set of 5 pound hand weights. On a few, I was
happy that I had a set of 10 pounders at home too. On the video, it looks like
they are holding 4-5 pound weights and they never change up.

There are two women doing the moves with Jillian: 1 that is doing the
‘easier’ version of the moves and 1 doing the higher level.

I like how Jillian doesn’t really sugar coat anything for you. She doesn’t
give a modification for jumping jacks, pretty much just tells you to suck it up
and do it. .. which again, I like. . . but some might not.

One thing she says a few times in the video is you have to push yourself if
you want to see change. Also, that in those last few reps where is just kills,
those are what counts and what is ultimately going to change your body. She is
also good at reminding you to remember why you bought the DVD in the first place
(duh, because you wanted to get shredded) and to not ‘phone it in’. . .

I haven’t done it every day for 30 days, but I have done it pretty regularly
over the past 6 weeks.

I didn’t take any before pictures or do any measurements or anything. . .

But, I have to say that this is one of the best DVDs I have done. I feel like
I am getting stronger. Some of the moves I couldn’t do for the whole time when I
first started doing the DVD, I can do now. Level 3 is still crazy. . . but I am
still working on it! 😉

I really like that there are 3 levels. . . if I have a hard run, I’ll do
Level 1. If I don’t have time to work out besides the DVD – up the intensity to
Level 3.

Overall, I would give this workout DVD an B+. .. definitely one I am glad I have in my
workout library!

Have you done 30 Day Shred or any Jillian
DVDs??? What did you think?



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CSA Week 2

I am really loving our CSA!

Look at all the things in our bag this week:

Fresh strawberries


Rhubarb, green onion, asparagus, radishes




I am the most excited for this guy. . . kohlrabi – I have never had it before! 


I broke into the strawberries right away. I learned today that unfortunately because of all the wet weather we have had recently, it was really hard on the strawberry crops in Southern MN, so they won’t get a whole lot from their crop.

I put Scott to work on making waffles. . . unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The waffle totally got stuck to the waffle maker!


So, we snacked on crumbs – Abby helped!


And switched to pancakes.

I chopped up the strawberries and mixed then with a little bit of sugar to make an awesome pancake topping. I repeated the same with some fresh peaches.


Add syrup = awesome dinner!





Other eats today:

I had another wheat berry salad for lunch. I love the combo of wheat berries, veggies, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.

Breakfast was a wonderful large caramel skim latte from Caribou – totally made my morning. I also snacked on a peach too. Love the fresh summer fruit!

After work, I ran around the local college for 3.5 miles and then did Shred Level 3 = totally a** kicking! The whole time I kept thinking about the beer I am going to have tomorrow night at the weekend country music festival I am going to with my sister. It really helped! Winking smile 

Tonight: play time with Abby, packing for the weekend, couch time with Scott.


What was your last dinner disaster?

I totally tried to make rhubarb compote last night = complete fail. I made it way too sweet trying to compensate for the totally bitter taste of rhubarb. . . Thankfully, we got more in this weeks CSA bag, so maybe I can try again??? Or make something else – any good rhubarb recipes?


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Summer smoothie dinner

After work, Scott and I took Abby for a 4 mile run. We had a little sprinkle of rain in the middle . . . and enjoyed a beautiful rainbow too!

Afterwards, I hit up my Shred DVD for a little Level 2 action. And a quick play session with Abby!

Quick shower and I was so ready for dinner.  ..  and something cool and creamy sounded perfect.


Blended strawberry chobani yogurt, frozen strawberries, and OJ. Topped with banana chips, chopped strawberries and chia seeds.


Hit. the. spot. Perfect summer dinner.

Finished dinner with a Adora calcium disc and a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.


Now, we are hanging on the couch, entertaining ourselves with the dog. . . and catching up on the Next Food Network Star from Sunday night.




Hope you are having a great night. ..  see ya tomorrow!

BTW – super excited for tomorrow, stay tuned for more info on my lunch containing this:



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Biking in the rain

Happy Saturday!!!

I had the best morning. . . slept in, started my day with 2 waffles, syrup and chia seeds


then, I took a stab at re-creating my favorite Starbucks drink: iced caramel macchiato, complete with their caramel syrup drizzle!

Look how pretty!


It wasn’t as *awesome* as the original, but pretty close! And much easier than driving across town to Starbucks to buy one and cheaper too.


Then, I decided I didn’t want to spend my whole morning watching TV, so I headed to the basement to complete Level 2 of Shred.

After, I decided to finally take my bike off the trainer and take it out for a spin.

So, I got my bike ready, put on my helmet, took the obligatory blog photo and then…


This happened. . .




So, I pouted for a few minutes and watched the rain,

And then I decided, what the heck. . . I won’t melt.

And took off for a ride in the rain!


It was wonderful! I rode 9 miles. Not very much traffic and the I had the bike path all to myself.

The only problem with riding in the rain, is the water coming off the back tire. . . soaked my back and butt! But with the rain, I was soaked head to toe anyway!

. . . but no worries, threw all the clothes into the washer and took a warm shower.

What a great Saturday so far!

Hope you are having a great day. . . what are you up to this weekend?


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Easy omelets

What a difference a day makes.  . . I can breathe through my nose without the assistance of multiple drugs! Still feeling pretty tired, but much better!

Abby was a good helper to make me feel better. . . stayed by my side all day long.


A full day of work today. . .

Started my day with a caramel skim latte from Caribou.

They have a summer rewards program = buy 7 drinks and get the 8th one free = awesomeness!

Lunch was chicken dumpling soup from the hospital cafeteria with carrot and celery sticks with ranch dressing.

After work I came home and headed down to the basement for Level 1 of Shred. Then, took Abby and Scott out for a 3 mile easy run. I was tired, but it felt good to get out and get moving cause I really haven’t done much of anything since last Saturday!

After a quick shower. . . I headed to the kitchen to make some omelets. I used a super easy way that I learned from my Mom.

Abby was being a good helper.


Super easy omelets:

First, chop up all ingredients. I pull out anything in the fridge that can be put into an omelet. In the fridge, we had onion, red and orange pepper, tomatoes, turkey, ham, and cheese.



Then, crack as many eggs as you want into a Ziploc baggie – the thicker Ziploc works the best. I used 1 egg and 1 egg white in mine. Add any toppings you want. In mine tonight: onion, pepper, tomatoes, ham, turkey and cheese.



Mix it all up with your hands from the outside of the bag. Note: Don’t add salt and pepper in the bag – it tends to clump during cooking.

Put in boiling water and cook for about 12-15 minutes. Don’t worry, if you take it out too early, you can finish cooking in the microwave.



Then, take the bag out of the boiling water, open, and let the omelet side out of the bag.

And it will look like this!



And like this when you break it open.  . .


I also made blueberry muffins (from the box) Winking smile.


And more orange slices for extra vitamin C!


Off to watch more Glee.  .. And go to bed early – still need extra rest! Hope you had a great Wednesday. Smile

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5 Things Friday!

It’s finally Friday. .. and that means 5 things Friday.

Here are the 5 things that made my day today:

1. Duh, the fact that it is finally Friday!

2. Abby being extra cute


3. Shred Level 3 totally kicking my butt

4. Easy dinner in the form of English muffin pizzas 


5. The best cookies ever – salted oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies (recipe to come soon!)


What made your Friday??? Smile

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I had part of the afternoon off yesterday because I had to go up to the cities for my graduation ceremony in the late afternoon.

So, I took advantage of the super nice 80 degree sunshine with slight wind weather and went out for a 4.5 mile run and then took Abby on a 30 minute walk.

Afterwards, I was craving a cold smoothie. . . OMG this was so delicious. Peach chobani with frozen strawberries and a splash of pineapple OJ. Topped with granola, chia seeds and banana chips.



So then, Scott and I headed up to the cities for the University of Minnesota graduation ceremony for the family medicine residency programs.


Of which, I am a part of! University of Minnesota -Mankato Family Medicine Residency Program. On June 30th, I will officially graduate from the residency program. Last night, was the commencement ceremony to celebrate graduation for the 2011 family practice residents. It was a little weird to ‘graduate’ before I am actually done with my program, but it was still nice.


When I got to the event, I realized that I had ended up with this sunburn from my afternoon activities! Geez. . . I was really rocking it with my dress last night.


And OMG – it is seriously a lot harder than I thought it would be to 1. take a picture of yourself in the mirror and 2. especially take a picture of your back/shoulders (all while hoping no one comes into the bathroom while you are trying to do a self portrait!).




My parent’s met us there for the event.




Check out this super cute card they gave me!


There was a nice mix of heavy appetizers. I had some beef lo mien, chicken stir fry, fresh bread, tomato, watermelon and feta salad, strawberries, and glazed pecans. The highlight was the dessert table: mini key lime pie tarts, truffle fudge brownie cheesecake and raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.


Here are my fellow residency graduates from my program in Mankato.



It was a nice evening.. . but I hate having to go up to the cities on a weekday, cause then we get home late and I don’t get my 9 hours of sleep that I need! 😉

So, I was dragging all day today – especially this afternoon. My large caramel skim latte from Caribou didn’t even seem to help this morning. I also added an Odwalla granola bar to make it a sorta well rounded breakfast!

Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant with Cheetos (love!) and an apple. We had an outside specialist come and talk to us over lunch about health care reform and what it means to our profession so that was the lunch that was provided. Not the best thing ever, but it got the job done. 🙂

This week has been crazy with the weather: 103 on Tuesday and 57 today! I think Abby is much happier with her fur coat in the cooler weather. 

After I got home, Scott wanted to mow the lawn before rain moved in tonight, so I hit up Level 2 of my Shred DVD.

I showered, made us some leftovers salads. . . pretty much everything in the fridge into a salad. A good way to use up food and get in our veggies. My bowl had: lettuce, carrots, peppers (orange, red and yellow), pineapple tidbits, craisins, seasoned chicken, and asparagus. Topped with raspberry balsamic vinegar = pretty decent dinner.

Now I am tuckered out after a long day of work after our late night last night. I am off to hit up the couch for an hour of TV then bedtime! So. close. to. Friday! Smile


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